Mobile Site Buildings

(Mobile Crib Rooms)

Tailored, Efficient, and Safe On-Site Solutions for Mining Operations

At Tea Gardens Engineering, our mobile site buildings, also known as mobile crib rooms, are designed to offer a versatile, safe, and comfortable workspace for mining sites. Engineered to be easily transportable and durable, these structures provide a vital hub for on-site operations, enhancing productivity and safety.
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Customisable Dimensions and Layouts

Choose from our standard size options or let us customise a mobile site building to fit your specific needs. Our flexible design approach allows us to cater to your unique requirements.

Standard Sizes



Tailor the layout, size, and features to suit your operation's specific needs.

Key Features and Innovations

Our mobile site buildings, also known as mobile crib rooms, are engineered to provide safe,
comfortable, and efficient workspaces that can be easily transported and set up in various
locations across mining sites.

Durability and Mobility

Robust Construction

Built to withstand the demanding conditions of mining environments.

ADR-Approved Running Gear

Ensures easy and safe transport within mine sites.

Ease of Relocation

Designed for quick setup and relocation, minimising downtime.

Comfort and Safety

Air Conditioning

Maintains a comfortable temperature, crucial in extreme climates.

Emergency Lighting

Ensures safety and visibility in case of power outages.

Water and Waste Management

Equipped with 2000L water tanks and waste tanks, with indicators for maintenance.

Functionality and Efficiency

Customisable Layouts

Options for office spaces, meeting rooms, rest areas, and more.

Electrical and Plumbing

Fully fitted with necessary electrical and plumbing systems for immediate use.


Well-insulated for thermal efficiency and noise reduction.

Optional Features and Add-Ons

Enhance your mobile site building with additional features designed for maximum functionality and comfort.

Air Bag Suspension

For smoother transportation and setup.

Additional Rooms

Include offices, sleeping quarters, kitchens, or bathrooms.

Safety Features

Emergency exits, fire suppression systems, and safety signage.

Technology Integration

Pre-wiring for communications, data, and security systems.

Energy Solutions

Solar panels or generator hookups for off-grid capabilities.

Industry Applications

Our mobile crib rooms are versatile and can be adapted for various functions within the mining sector:

Break Rooms

Provide a comfortable space for employees to rest and recharge.

Meeting Spaces

Facilitate on-site meetings and planning sessions.

First Aid Stations

Equip with medical supplies for emergency response.

Training Centres

Use as a space for employee training and development.

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Commitment to Quality and Safety

At Tea Gardens Engineering, we prioritise your safety and satisfaction. Our mobile site buildings are designed and constructed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring they serve your needs effectively and reliably.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Site Buildings

What sizes are available for the mobile crib rooms?

We offer standard sizes including 16x4m, 12x4m, and 12×3.2m, but we can also provide custom sizes based on your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that your mobile site building fits perfectly within your operational requirements.

Yes, our mobile crib rooms are highly customizable. We can modify the interior layout, add or remove features, and adjust specifications to cater to your unique requirements. From air conditioning and insulation to specialised storage and workspace areas, we tailor each crib room to your preferences.

Standard features include durable construction, air conditioning, electrical and lighting setups, insulation, and basic furniture. We also offer options for water tanks, waste tanks, and safety features like emergency lighting and fire extinguishers.

Absolutely. Mobility is a key feature of our crib rooms. They are designed for easy transport and can be moved to different sites as needed. The inclusion of ADR-approved running gear ensures they can be towed safely and efficiently.

How are the mobile crib rooms powered?

Our mobile crib rooms can be connected to external power sources, or they can be equipped with generators for autonomous power supply. We also offer solar power options for a more sustainable and independent setup.

The lead time can vary based on the level of customization and our current production schedule. We recommend contacting us with your specific requirements so we can provide an accurate timeline for your project.

We use high-quality materials and adhere to strict construction standards. Our crib rooms are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of mining sites, ensuring longevity and reliability. Each unit undergoes thorough inspections and testing before delivery.

Yes, we offer various options for waste management, including tanks for fresh and waste water. Environmental controls can include advanced HVAC systems, ensuring comfortable and safe conditions inside the crib room regardless of external weather conditions.